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PMP050-S Multi-Processors Shear Jaw Set

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The PRODEM Multi processors feature multiple jaw types suitable for all kinds of job applications offering maximum versatility. The Speed up valve offers increased productivity whilst its high speed jaw opening and closing makes work quick and effective. 



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The PRODEM range of multi-processors feature interchangeable jaw sets mounted on a single base providing the efficiency of multiple tools in one body. The Shear Jaw Set can be used on all industrial demolition sites for cutting materials such as section bars, pipes, tanks, railway carriages, etc. 

  • Increased productivity by speed up valve for high speed jaw opening & closing, which makes work quick and effective.
  • Unlimited 360° Hydraulic Rotation with heavy duty swing gear
  • Pressure relief valve protecting hydraulic motor
  • Multiple interchangeable jaws for crushing, pulverising, shearing and demolition
  • Fully reversible rectangular blades for lower maintenance cost
  • Single-pin jaw mechanism for enhanced shearing force and working and maintenance efficiency
  • Customised tooth type – welding type or replaceable type can be chosen
  • Hardened teeth made of special wear resistant steel
  • Enhanced crushing force by single-pin mechanism
  • Maximum efficiency from user-friendly blade clearance adjustment system, by using one adjusting nut which reduces the labour time.

Price includes standard pin type mounting bracket, 4 x hoses, wire spiral guard and service tool box.

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