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PDS070R Dedicated Shear

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PRODEM PDS070R  Hydraulic Dedicated Shear features the latest in blade design for increased cutting performance and a Jaw Protection system for reduced maintenance with an excavator weight class of 8-12 tonnes.


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Featuring the latest in blade design the PRODEM PDS070R  Hydraulic Dedicated Shear offers increased cutting power and performance whether on a demolition site or in a recycling yard.

  • Speed valve reduces cycle times 
  • Cylinders increase power by 20%
  • Replacement jaw protection plate 
  • Jaw Protection System – Weld on upper jaw protection reduces maintenance and build-up on upper jaw.
  • Bolt-on piercing tip and blades – The blade design reduces stress and wear on the upper jaw. Every blade can be turned up to 4 times on different sides and are easy to replace.
  • Innovative speed valve – Reduces cycle times, regenerates power when needed and protects the shear, eliminates internal oil pressure peaks.
  • Dual upper jaw guides – Assures perfect alignment every time. Guides on either side of the upper jaw increase cutting power, efficiency and production.
  • Fixed jaw design – With increased cut performance, the cut materials can easily exit.
  • 360 Degree Rotation – Anti-cavitation valve and continuous 360 degree rotation allows perfect positioning of the shears.
  • Fully Protected, High Power Cylinder – With bolt on access panels for ease of service.

Dedicated shears price includes standard pin type (Dipper) mounting bracket and hoses.

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