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PRB008 Hydraulic Hammer

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The Prodem PRB008 vibration dampened silenced hydraulic hammer offers power, reliability, innovative durability, low operating costs and and an excavator weight class of 0.7-1.5 tonnes.

Price includes mounting bracket (please select machine and model) 2 x hoses, 2 x tools (pointer and chisel), plus service & gas charging kit.

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Fully silenced breaker for sound-sensitive job sites, the PRB008 provides impressive power for the largest of demolition sites for an excavator weight class of 0.7-1.5 tonnes.

  • Through bolt – reduces internal torsion stress to increase fastener life
  • Full box enclosure – no rigid side-bolts, low maintenance cost, extremely durable welded structure, reduces noise
  • Perfect cushion damper – optimal damping system made of high quality elastomer, minimises recoil shock induced by impact, reduces noise and vibration
  • Unique valve design – lessens pressure fluctuation, less damage on carrier’s pump
  • Long piston stroke – minimises recoil, eliminates mechanical springs, special heat-treated and hardened piston
  • Easy maintenance – fewer components, wide and appropriate openings
  • Hardened rock claw – resisting wear and abrasion
  • High-quality working tool – optimised by high-grade steel and heat treatment
  • Fewer components – around one third of its competitors
  • Centralised lubricating system – single point of entry for quick greasing

Price includes mounting bracket (pin and machine specification required), 2 x hoses, 2 x tools (pointer and chisel), plus service and gas charging kit.

Additional information

Excavator weight class

0.7-1.5 tonnes

Working weight


Required oil flow


Operating pressure


Impact energy (max) – high speed


Impact frequency – high speed


Tool diameter

42mm / 1.65in